Kids for Salvation Army


Every year we organize and put on a luncheon in support of the Salvation Army.

This luncheon helps to raise funds for the Salvation Army to ensure that the most vulnerable members of our community get a holiday meal at Christmas time. As our event has grown over the years we’ve attracted attention and for the past two years that’s included the attention of some remarkable children in our community.

These kids started their own website and, well, they can say it best in their own words:

We are Nick, Spencer and Jordan Phillips. Last year we decided to help our community by raising money and awareness for our local Salvation Army.

We were able to donate over $6000.00 to the Salvation Army of Trenton which was used in their ministries, food bank and meal kitchen to help those in our community who are in need.

Our local Kiwanis Club hosts a delicious Turkey Luncheon and Fund Raiser to raise money for the Salvation Army. Last year the club raised over $86,000! Everyone in attendance gave from the heart and helped realize this important goal.

For our 2012 Donation Drive we would like to raise in excess of $10,000!

These great kids are taking it upon themselves to help us raise money to help the Salvation Army.

If you can’t make it over to our luncheon, please go to their website and donate online or by cheque to help us help those who need it most.